Senior Cricket Training

DCCC Senior Training is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.30pm to 6.30pm at Monyash Reserve in Carine.

Each session consists of net sessions, individual and group fielding drills plus fitness.

The Club expects most players will train at least once per week.

Net Captain

ALL players must report to the Net Captain Lachlan Douglas prior to commencing training.

Warm Up

ALL players are expected to complete the following warm up, regardless of the time they arrive at fielding or unless they are directed to something else by the Net Captain:
TWO laps of Monyash Reserve
Dynamic Stretches
SIX x 30m run throughs
20 catches
20 throws, increasing distance throughout.

Net Session

Nets will take place across two turf wickets and three hardwickets.

The Net Captain will nominate players to bat and bowl with a maximum of FOUR bowlers per net at any one time, unless otherwise directed by the Net Captain.

Players not batting or bowling, should be completing fielding drills.


A range of fielding equipment and drills will be set out at every session. In absence of the Fielding & Fitness Coach, players are expected to work with other players on various aspects of fielding using this equipment.

When the Fielding & Fitness Coach is at training, players can join in drills as directed by him.


Warm Down

The Net Captain will direct players to warm down at the end of training.

If you need to leave training early, please advise the Net Captain.

DCCC Committee 2019/20